Stratogis Networks

Commercial Satelite Design

Commercial satellite capacity has increased significantly in the past decade due to increased spectrum and the advent of large multi-beam antennas. These advances have placed an even greater need to match the payload design to the target market. Since satellites are designed to last 15 years, or longer, it is crucial that the design provides flexibility to adapt to changes in market demand and projected terrestrial and wireless deployments. At Stratogis, our satellite design models are linked to our market models which enables us to optimize payload design to meet our customers, and their customers, needs. 

Stratogis worked with a large system integrator to develop a Ka-Band satellite payload design for the Australia National Broadband Network (NBN). The payload design was optimized to support the under served satellite addressable market. We conducted a comprehensive optimization of satellite beam size and receiver/transponder channelization and frequency re-use. Ultimately, we produced three payload designs based on conservative, nominal and aggressive broad-band user traffic demand and projected terrestrial fiber and wireless build outs.

Stratogis worked with a major satellite operator to develop a Ka-band satellite payload design for a US residential high speed Internet access product based on a addressable market study we had conducted for the client. The key for the study was maximizing the capacity that could be focused into high demand areas. We evaluated over 1,000,000 frequency and polarization re-use permutations to optimize the payload design for the target consumer market. In addition, we optimized beam size and location to maximize the number of customers that could be supported given each potential suppliers satellite bus power limitations.

Stratogis developed multiple Ka-band Local High Definition Television (HDTV) satellite payload designs. We optimized payload channelization, beam size and beam location to maximize Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA) coverage in the top 50, 100, and 150 markets. We also optimized the payload design to work in conjunction with an existing Ku-band satellite that was providing local coverage to a select group of major markets. We applied optimization models to maximize consumer coverage given the unusual nature DMA geographies and the high density demand in certain North East markets. Our analysis approach was able to support over 97% of customers in the top 50 markets and over 94% of all target markets.

Stratogis worked with a satellite operator to develop a Ka-band small satellite design to provide high speed Internet access to European small business and residential customers. We worked closely with the client and satellite vendor to develop a design that maximized the number of customers that could be supported using a low cost, small satellite bus.