Stratogis Networks

Market Analysis

Wireless and satellite technologies are rapidly changing the way broadband is delivered to residential and small business customers. Recent advances have enabled orders of magnitude increases in the bandwidth that can be delivered through inexpensive customer premise equipment. These advances will enable virtually anyone, anywhere to have low cost, high speed Internet access. The expense in building these satellite and wireless networks makes it essential to identify underserved target markets and their target service price points. Stratogis has developed large global databases of potential residential and business customers. Customers can be identified at the zip code, block code and even street address level. We have also developed the tools to enable us to rapidly optimize our customers’ satellite and wireless network designs to maximize revenues and reduce risk.

Stratogis recently developed a fiber, wireless and satellite demand model for Australia. We built a postal block-code level demand model that identified the most cost effective broadband technology for each of the 230,000 block codes. The model factored in current and planned fiber deployment, wireless coverage, and household density. In addition, we developed multiple user traffic profiles for low, medium and high bandwidth users based on actual broadband usage studies in Asia and North America. More Information ...

Stratogis developed a European residential and small business high speed Internet access satellite addressable market model. Our model used postal code household database to identify residential users and a global business database to identify small and medium sized business users. We compared this dataset our terrestrial network broadband build out and cost data to identify the satellite addressable market. We also developed a zip code level US residential Broadband and local HDTV satellite market model based on US government published broadband availability data. 



Stratogis has developed a Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA) foreign speaking household model that was used to identify foreign language programming demand in each DMA. In addition to language, our model also identified market size by country of origin which enabled targeted country specific programing market sizing particularly for the Spanish speaking markets. More Information ...

Stratogis has also worked with System Integrators to assess DoD market opportunities. In one study, we evaluated the demand for mobile, beyond line-of-site satellite communications that could not be met by UFO, MUOS or Airborne Communications Nodes (ACN). The study used a high resolution DoD 2015 projected 2020 traffic demand model combined with a projected radio and satellite terminal fielding plan to identify equipment, capacity and coverage shortfalls that could be met by commercial, high bandwidth, L-Band satellites. We evaluated the capacity requirements for major and smaller combat operations, humanitarian assistance, training and SOF missions. Our analysis allowed our client to assess the commercial viability of developing a turnkey product for the US Military.